2008 | Feature Film | Fiction | 84′
Directed by Ventura Durall
Produced by Nanouk Films, in coproduction with TVC with the support of ICAA and ICIC

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The society considers Andres Rabadán as a monster. Andrés got derailed a passengers train and killed his father shot twice in the head with a crossbow.

Intimist film that gets immersed in a personal research during which the main character will find out that he has been his worst enemy, and that love is his only chance for redemption.

“This is probably the first transmedia project of Nanouk Films, because we decided to do a fiction (The Two Lives of Andrés Rabadán), a documentary (The Forgiveness) starting from the same story, and a comic-book created by Rabadán himself. Two sides of the same coin, two different films, two points of view.”


Eleven years after derailing three trains and killing his father with a crossbow, Andrés Rabadán plans to escape of the penitentiary psychiatric where he is closed.But the entry of a new psychiatrist and his approach to a nurse of the prison makes him reconsider his escape and lead him to face his own past in order to attempt to understand what could lead him to commit his horrible crimes.
The Forgiveness
Published on: 25 February 2015
Posted by: Sergi Cameron