2015 | Feature Film | Documentary
Directed by Salvador Sunyer
Produced by Nanouk Films

Pablo Larcuen’s dream is to become a great filmmaker in Hollywood. He is obsessed with the United States, he eats at McDonald’s almost every day and he is convinced that one day he will win an Oscar. At the beginning, everybody used to laugh at him when he talked about his big dreams, however, with his first short films that he filmed at film school he had some success (Sundance, Los Angeles, Sitges), which encouraged him to double his ambition and to convince himself of his talent.

Pablo has just finished his first feature-length film on a mobile phone. He is now ready to make the big jump and go to the US in order to promote the film and to make himself a name over there. His character and his peculiar form of filmmaking have already attracted the attention of important people in the Hollywood industry, such as the agents of Robert Rodriguez or Silvester Stallone. Eventually he has now the opportunity he had always been dreaming of: to cross the Atlantic and enter the Paradise of E.T., the Goonies, Indiana Jones, triple cheeseburgers, highway motels and the best flag in the world.

“The Hollywood Conquest” is a road movie through the sewers of Los Angeles where dozens of people like Pablo live and dream of climbing one day to the top of the most difficult mountain of the world, the hills of Hollywood. That’s where Pablo will go to have success and to become a star. Pablo Larcuen as the Quijote in L.A. will be always accompanied by his inseparable squire Victor Santacana doing Pancho’s role.

Pablo wants to taste the sweet honey of success and immortality. We will witness the privations he will have to suffer in order to achieve success. and see the price one has to pay for it.

Furthermore, this movie is going to follow several characters related to Pablo’s world and who share the same unique and dificult dream: To conquer Hollywood.

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Published on: 3 March 2015
Posted by: Sergi Cameron