2016 | Interactive
Produced by Nanouk Films
Directed by Sergi Cameron

Say you are now in Bugarach one year before the Mayan End of the World, do you want to save yourself? Do you want to believe? Or investigate the true origin of this puzzle? It’s your turn. The purpose of this project is to create a game, a strong navigation map, but flexible and full of life. With a clear goal: to survive the doomsday. The game will allow us to move through the village, entering the houses of the characters, or exploring the woods searching for clues or hidden characters.

It will be a way to aproach this enigmatic history from new prisms wich are inconceivable in a conventional documentary format.


The navigation of «Bugarach: Surviving the apocalypse» it’s based on three main features:

Choose your own path: “Dominique, the village baker and Mirko’s father, one of the main characters, explains us that bordering the lake and climbing the hill, you can find his son’s hut, a talaia from where guards the entrance of the village. After saying goodbye to Dominique and leaving his home, we have two options: Go into the forest to look for Mirko, or continue our way trough the village.
These two options, as in the real life, make two different ways, two histories, which are bifurcated as a fractal.”

We are therefore faced with a expanded structure, until the Day of the End of the World, where all paths come together.
In this way, the viewing of the film in the game is not linear, because the structure looks set in some different directions, like the branches of a tree. However, this sense of chaos is not entirely true, because we will put check-point scenes that you need to see, doesn’t matter the way you choose. This is a trick to control the decisions of the user.

Active viewer: Sometimes we see webdocs that, in my opinion, don’t get some of the basic features of an interactive project, as the active role of the user or a really transmedia business model (integral project: documentary, but also book, interactive platform, events…)
The user has a role here as a researcher, as will be finding and assimilating the pieces of this great puzzle, always from a playful perspective. The characters and some places will give us clues, signs or objects to continue the journey.

Countdown: This is one of the most important factors, then delimit the temporal arc of the game. The story begins, as in the film, one year before the end of the world. No matter the paths you take, because the D-Day will come. The seasons, the color of vegetation and climate changes influence the game, as well as the evolution of the characters: If you visit Slide, the magician boy, in early summer, his life has changed if we do not return to him until winter.


¿Why Bugarach ?

“Bugarach” is a film that contains a lot of rich characters and themes.
The editing process was exciting but also very hard, we were abut 10 months, because of the quantity of footage and the interesting subplots that would have deserved further development.
For this reason, we believe it’s a unique opportunity to uncover previously hidden characters and plots, and expand the potential of this amazing story in a great game of adventure and exploration.

An universal project

From the beginning, “Bugarach” has been supported by televisions -TVE (Spain), TVC (Spain), WDR (Germany)- and film institutes in Europe and North America -MEDIA Programme of the European Union, MFG Filmförderung (Germany), Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries (Spain), CINEREACH (USA), PUMA Catalyst Award in Partnership with Britdoc (UK)-.
So this transmedia project is wrapped up by the institutions and audiences.
Perhaps some aliens are interested in the mistery of this small village in southern France, too.

Top benefits

Having a finished film has some obvious advantages: The availability of all the material already recorded, subtitles in all languages, an original soundtrack that can be adapted to the game (thus maintaining the characteristic atmosphere of the film) and the full knowledge of history, after three years of research and filming.

Interesting ideas for this project

-It’s an entertaining platform where you can broaden the experience after seeing the film, which
somehow extends the life of the film.

-Maybe you would play the game without having seen the film, and it should be accessible from different
platforms (cinema, television, festivals or online platforms). Is there a better way to promote the film than
a movie game creating an alternative experience ?

-The webdoc platform can offer the possibility to watch the full movie online paying about 2 or 3 euros,
depending on the region.

-We will create a special APP for the project, getting a solid support on tablets and smartphones, and
facilitate the avatar creation and the connection to the social networks.

-It will be possible to embed the webdoc on any platform. This is very important, because people can
acces the game (and then the film) through channels with large audiences, such as newspapers,
therefore it’s a succulent content for them. Major newspapers, especially in Canada, France, USA and
Germany, have already started to include interactive documentaries in their platforms.


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Published on: 3 March 2015
Posted by: Sergi Cameron