2019 | Documentary film | 52′
Directed by Ventura Durall
Produced by Nanouk Films

The documentary is a reflection and discussion on the subject of schooling, teaching and learning in a complex way that made it possible to do so much faster than the theoretical level with a practical level, in aquest cas a Catalunya , in the context of the transformation of a school and an educational system.

It is a choral film, which gives voice to the leading global and local experts with a holistic view of education, while following up on two processes that seek an educational revolution. Inspired by the nature of OECD learning and the principles of UNESCO, this revolution is being driven by Escuela Nueva 21, an entity that aims to catalyze existing educational change initiatives in the hands of schools that have been leading purposes change and innovation. Over a period of three years, the aim is to create a new advanced educational ecosystem that will grow and help change the whole system, improving the foundation and work. The author part of the film is found in this monitoring and in the dialogue that will be established between the testimonies of the experts and these processes focused on specific characters.

The documentary seeks to accompany first hand the protagonists of this revolution while at the same time raising the questions, doubts and concerns that are emerging throughout the process in the different actors. And the different actors are all of us. Parents, students, alumni … all those who care about what kind of education our children should receive. In short, all those that we raise (both at a particular level and at the community level) as we want it to be the society of the future.

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Published on: 25 October 2017