2018 | Short film | Documentary
Directed by Ventura Durall
Produced by Nanouk Films

Milos is about to enter the nursery school, where he will spend the next two years. His father, director Ventura Durall, wonders how his personality will be expressed, to what extent what lives in this school will determine it. To try to find answers, he decides to record the last two days in the nursery of his eldest daughter’s class.

Awards & selections:

2019 Premis Gaudí – Nominación a mejor cortometraje (Spain)
2018 International Film Festival “Autumn at Voronet” (Romania)- Best Documentary Direction
2018 Mediterranean Film Festival (Bosnia Herzegovina)-Audience Award

2018 Festival de Málaga. Cine en Español (Spain)
2018 Festival de Cine de Madrid PNR – Plataforma Nuevos Realizadores (Spain)
2018 Som Cinema – Mostra de Cinema i Audovisual Català (Spain)
2018 Festival du Film d’Éducation (France)
2018 Festival de Curtmetratges de Manlleu (Spain)

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Published on: 12 April 2018
Posted by: Marc Roca