2019 | Cortometraje | Ficción
Dirigido por Carla Linares
Producido por Nanouk Films

Even if it is summer and the dry heat fills everything with insects that make noise, the thick walls of the convent keep the interior moist and silent. The sun barely arrives and smells of detergent and chastity.

The routine is always the same: wash your clothes, cook and clean yourself. The sisters clean everything. They also grow carrots. In the middle of the parched garden, the sisters cultivate life; They have a garden. Sister Irene is in charge of collecting the carrots from the garden and preparing them for the meal.

One morning, while Sor Irene is in the kitchen cleaning and ordering the carrots by size, one of them is never aligned, she rebels. At that moment something starts to awaken inside Sor Irene and, the need to follow her impulses is greater.

Sor Irene begins a path of reconnection with her body and the awakening of her sexuality through nature. But for Sor Irene giving herself permission to feel involves untying the status quo in which she lives.

One afternoon it starts to rain and on the clothesline there are clean, clean clothes. The sisters, they run off in order to avoid disaster. They move in unison as if they were a school of fish. They pick up the sheets and go inside. Sister Irene has been confused by observing the mud that has formed with the rain. One of the sheets she was holding falls to the ground and becomes stained. All the sisters are under cover, watching her.If she picks up the sheet she will also get muddy. If it gets muddy, then anything can happen.

La omisión de la familia Coleman
Published on: 11 March 2019
Posted by: Marc Roca