2009 | Feature Film | Documentary | 65′
Directed by Ventura Durall
Produced by Nanouk Films in coproduction with TVE with the support of Canal+

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After derailing three trains and killing his father with a crossbow, Rabadán gave himself up to the police. He has been locked in a psychiatric ward for 15 years. some psychiatrists think that he is cured, others say that he should be kept inside. This film was able to uncover key information that helped to understand the dark motivations of Spain’s most famous recluse, getting the case reopened 20 years later.

“This is probably the first transmedia project of Nanouk Films, because we decided to do a fiction (The Two Lives of Andrés Rabadán) and a documentary (The Forgiveness) starting from the same story. Two sides of the same coin, two different films, two points of view. ”

In 1994, Andrés Rabadán gave himself up to the police after derailing three trains and killing his father with a crossbow. They declared him not guilty and diagnosed him with paranoid delirious schizophrenia. He is sentenced to spend 20 years in a penitentiary psychiatric. He goes to hell and back and starts to pick up the pieces of his life, using painting as a way to exorcize his own demons. And in this new beginning, new testimonies of himself and the ones near to him help us see a more complex reality than the one that surfaced during his trial, revealing intimate secrets that were hidden for more than a decade.With this new approach, new questions arise:
– Does someone who has committed such terrible crimes deserve a second chance?
– How important must be the circumstances that originated those crimes and the will to change of the persons that committed them?Every viewer will find in this documentary the necessary elements to make up his on mind, in a thrilling story that takes us to the deepest side of the human mind.
The Wild Years
The two lives of Andrés Rabadán
Published on: 25 February 2015
Posted by: Sergi Cameron