2015 | Short film | Fiction
Produced by Temporada Alta, Arts Santa Mónica, O and Nanouk Films
Directed by Salvador Sunyer and Baro d’Evel (Blaï Mateu and Camille Decourtye)

“The missing part” is the first piece from THE ONE PROJECT, each year we will produce a short film with one of the best theatre creators in the world.
The French company Baro d’Evel has been chosen to start this challenge that unites the world of performing arts and films, under Nanouk Films’ signature.

The total artistic journey has just begun.

The man, the woman and the child. The life that we live out there. Inside, a theater. A place understood as a catalyst stage for change. Art understood as a tool for liberation. The animals are the characters that remind us what is essential, the beginning, the cause. A horse and a bird to help us rethinking how children act. A little trip. A passage to get back out there, but leaving in other way.

Published on: 3 November 2015