An original idea by Salvador Sunyer / Nanouk Films.

Nanouk Films, Arts Santa Monica & Temporada Alta come together to take forward an ambitious proposal that unites film and the world of arts. We take the network of artistic relations established over 24 years by the festival and every year we invite an artist who, besides being the guest artist and programming an spectacle, will make a movie! The short film must be a synthesis of the creator’s world, and it will premiere at Arts Santa Monica during Temporada Alta.

This projection is related to the performance Bèsties, from Baro d’Evel, the guest artist (company) of this year. A film about the human family in coexistence with animals.

The best theatre creators of the world are challenged to make a film for the first time in their life.

The Tramuntana Symphony
Published on: 10 November 2015