2019 | Documentary film
Directed by Anna Sanmartí
Produced by BAS, Suica Films i Nanouk films

The artist Mateo Vilagrasa, one of the great creators of the late twentieth century, quadriplegic for fifteen years, prepares his last great exhibition from the awareness that it is his last opportunity to leave a mark of the meaning of his work and his life. A thinker who paints surroundings low and the sense of existence.

The film proposes a reflection on the question of who I am and focuses it from the dialogue between the experiencing self and the narrative self of the main character. A struggle between two times and two hemispheres of the brain to try to make sense of his art and his life. This struggle that lives in Matthew will also be the process of making the film, its construction, its message. We live and then we narrate, we reinterpret. The process of the film is analogous in this sense to that of the protagonist. Where is the truth? Who are we? Who are Matthew?

In this dialogue, in the analogies and discrepancies of the two struggles will arise the tensions that advance the film.

L'homme, le cheval et la dame
Published on: 25 October 2017