2017 | Short film | Fiction
Directed by Salvador Sunyer and Xavier Bobés
Produced by Nanouk Films with the cooperation of O Estudio Creativo i Festival Temporada Alta

The hands of a man try to reconstruct the history of his life with objects that he keeps in boxes. Each object refers to a moment. These remnants of things tell the story of his life, which in the end could also be ours.

Restos de Cosas is a small film that deals with memory and the passage of time. Such a broad, universal and intergenerational theme will be treated from a minimal, intimate and personal thing: the objects that a man has been saving during his life. It will be these small units of memories that will guide the whole story until you can draw the life of the protagonist. This concrete experience results in a collective experience in which the viewer can find resonances and feel reflected.

The great challenge facing this short film is to claim the poetics of the object per se, without the need for large formal resources and with the clear intention to suppress any artifice prioritizing its ability to evoke intimate experiences of the individual. This objective will be carried out with an essential premise: object manipulation will be performed in a rigorous sequence plane. That is, a completely opposite principle to that of animation.

The project is born of the will to recover something that has been lost: the fusion between the different disciplines of art in and for the cinematographic medium. The democratization of cinema, and especially the world of the short film, has caused that some canons are established that affect how it is done and how the cinema is consumed. Canons that are increasingly homogeneous and rigid.

Also born of personal affection but above all of the professional admiration and the fascination for some of the creations that Xavier Bobés has made asInsomni, Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente, Primer Àlbum (amb el col·lectiu El Solar) o Monstres. In an art world that seems dwarfed and precarious, he manages to shine and connect with what lies deep inside.

L'homme, le cheval et la dame
Published on: 26 October 2017