2018 | Short film| Fiction
Directed by Sergi Cameron
Produced by Nanouk Films

In a small communal society in the heart of the Pyrenees, organized in different family clans, around 1000 AD, a girl named Narbona is affected by a common illness that the new medical and rationalist estates find incurable. Catherine and Patricio, the girl’s parents, demand the help of a healer called La Vigatana, as they had been doing for centuries in the pre-Christian tradition. Through ancestral wisdom and different natural remedies, La Vigatana manages to cure the girl, but in the midst of a pagan festival, the intrusion of the representatives of the new official estates (the Christian priest, the feudal lord and the new landowners), who want to establish a new order based on servitude, execute the healer on the pretext of considering her a witch.

The different characters of the village will position themselves for or against the two worlds, the old ancestral culture linked to nature, and the emergence of Christian evangelization, which will try to destroy the previous polytheistic culture and beliefs. a sick girl who manages to heal thanks to the medicinal knowledge of La Vigatana, will want to avenge her death and join the world of Witches, entering her own motu in the depths of the forest.

At the center of the narrative is the mutating role of women as a source of stigmatization at a time when ecclesiastical and power estates need a scapegoat to concentrate society’s attention so as to soften the recession of rights and the customs of the peasants, now turned into serfs from feudalization in the twelfth century. It is then that the woman, especially one who did not live especially linked to a patriarchal figure (the father, the husband, the brother …), becomes the Witch, a myth artificially created to stay forever in the collective imagination.

First Stratum
The night she moves
Published on: 27 October 2017