2017 | Short film| Fiction
Directed by Salvador Sunyer
Original idea by Roger Vilà (Nickel Brent)
Produced by Nanouk Films

A hermetic space of a pseudo-aristocracy already in decline has been occupied by a futuristic table where a special meal will be produced. The assistants will not be more than victims of a macabre game devised by an allegorical character of icy aura and clinical vision called Mr. Krakt. Through new technologies, the tests will highlight the capacity of each diner to resist violence. Meanwhile, Mr. Krakt will document the process by producing a painting inspired by broken Smartphones screens. Can utopia imply dystopia implicitly? Is the submission to the system a possible way of liberation?

KRAKT wants to claim the video as an artistic expression in itself. It is an alloy between a conceptual artist and a filmmaker, combining their languages ​​(plastic, scenic and audiovisual). Salvador Sunyer is a filmmaker specializing in documentary and his pieces reflect the formal interest of telling stories with narratives that go beyond conventional ones. The concept of KRAKT comes from a series of paintings by Nickel Brent in which he reflects on the social rift of a world dominated by new technologies. The fact that he also appears as an actor allows him to integrate his external vision of the project into the piece and vice versa.

Filming it in 35mm was an act of rebellion to exert a retrospective look at the old systems of audiovisual production, confronting it to the treated concept. The process was also irreverent: without story-board and with an unfixed script. That gave room for improvisation, understanding the importance of the present in all artistic creation.

2001: A Spanish Oddissey
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Published on: 7 November 2017