2008 | Museum | Videoart
Directed by Santiago Sierra
Produced by Nanouk Films, Colosé Producciones and Common Films
Helga de Alvear Gallery – Madrid

The subject matter of anal sex invites an examination of cultural psychology of domination and submission as they relate to labour, race, gender and class.

Santiago Sierra has exhibited in major museums, art centers and galleries around the world, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma ARS 01 (Helsinki), in the Kunst- Werke (Berlin), in the Kunsthaus Bregenz ( Austria), in PS1 MOMA (New York ) or Artium (Vitoria), and his work is represented by major galleries such as Helga de Alvear (Madrid, Spain ), Team Gallery (New York, USA), Lisson Gallery ( London, United Kingdom ), Prometheus Gallery (Milan, Italy) and Greenaway Art Gallery (Adelaide, Australia ). He was awarded the National Prize of Plastic Arts of Spain in 2010, worth 30.000 Euros, “for his critical work, which reflects on the exploitation and exclusion of individuals, and generates a debate about power structures, such and as manifested in its various projects developed over two decades.” Sierra rejected the award in a letter to the Minister of Culture claiming that “awards are given to those who have performed a service, such as an employee of the month” and that the “award instrumentalises the prestige of the award-winner for the benefit of the state” ending with “the State are not all of us: you and your friends are the State. Therefore, do not count me in for I am a serious artist. Health and freedom!”

Archeological Museum of Yecla
Connectivity, society, creativity
Published on: 22 January 2018