2015 |  Castell de Montjuïc Interpretation Centre, Barcelona
Directed by Sergi Cameron
Produced by Nanouk Films

This project in the form of a cinematic experiment is the top piece of the Interpretation Centre at Montjuïc Castle. The exhibition portrays the different roles that thecastle played for the city (defender or inquisitor, depending on the time or point of view). In this video, the focus is on the period of the riots and the subsequentbombing of the city in 1842. We chose to use the technique of overlapping real images with prints from that period as well as other techniques such as rotoscoping.Our main objective was to give life to the antique prints by using a visible device. We rigourously respected the historical context, but at the same time created avisual impact on the viewer.

The original prints can be found at the interpretation centre itself, they are part of the permanent exposition inside the courtyard of the Castle, the symbol of the city.

FAO United Nations - International Year of Pulses
Museum of Calafell
Published on: 22 January 2018