2019 | Short film | Fiction
Directed by Alex Sardà
Produced by Nanouk Films

Igor is new to his cousin’s group of friends and to almost everything that a person of his age is supposed to have done. As the first night they hang out together is played out through laughter, drinking on the street and the presence of unknown girls, Igor feels like a stranger who doesn’t know how to be himself.

One of the girls, Laura, is quick to catch his attention and that of the rest of the boys, and brings with her the possibility that this somewhat failing party may improve. At the end of the night all that will remain is Laura, the boys and a room in which the party can continue.

At home, although Laura demonstrates control over the rest of the group, the night becomes a competition between the boys to see who can come out on top. Being the one who gets closest to Laura and fitting into the group will force Igor into an ultimately extreme situation. GANG is a journey into group-mentality, impulse, and those experiences that men very often keep quiet, the masculinity that devours us.

First Stratum
Published on: 8 March 2019
Posted by: Marc Roca