2019 | Feature film| Fiction
Directed by Marta Lallana & Ivet Castelo
In collaboration with Iván Alarcón & Sandra Garcia
Produced by Nanouk Films
In association with Filmin
In collaboration with Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Paula, a 14 year old girl, is sent to spend the summer in the town Ojos Negros with her aunt and grandmother, who she barely knows. There, she witnesses how the illness of her grandmother unfolds the tensions within the family. Trying to escape the oppressive atmosphere, she meets Alicia, a girl of her age, who also stays in town for the summer and with whom she will develop an intense friendship. At the end of the summer Paula will have a glimpse of what it means to grow up.

Centro Dramático Nacional 2019-2020
Published on: 8 March 2019
Posted by: Marc Roca