2020 | Serie
Created by Aina Clotet & Sergi Cameron
Produced by Nanouk Films

In order to raise their kids in a more authentic way, Mariana and Samuel move to a mountain neighbourhood in Barcelona, a favorite destination for those thirty-something from Barcelona who have decided to build their lives from a more authentic place, far from the comforts of the big city that evoke an existence like that of the rest of the world. world, that is, mediocre. Mariana and Sam, for whom raising their two beautiful daughters is their main life project, are so committed to parenting that they have even created a Parenting School, group therapy sessions with five other families.

How do I deal with my mother-in-law when my son shamelessly masturbates in front of her? If I put diapers on my 4-year-old son who pees in bed again, am I raping him? This morning I ran over the cat and it was like a Persian carpet. How do I tell my daughter?
Until then, they are confident that the answers to these questions will allow them to become the kind of parents they have always dreamed of being. But one day, the teenage son of some residents of Vallvidrera is thrown out the window.

Unexpected suicide shakes the entire community, which is trying to overcome the event, but the doubt has already slipped through the poorly sealed cracks in their lives. They have come across the terrible revelation that in life, nothing is guaranteed. Not even in the happy Vallvidrera, which is not Sweden, but almost. Have they, in their insatiable quest for excellence, missed something essential?

Published on: 22 May 2020
Posted by: Emma Soler